Crash Course in Gas Station: Do Not Forget Your Bumper

It is never a great idea to commit a hit and run.

The right thing to do (obviously) is to stay at the scene and wait for the police to arrive.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the heart to stay and suffer the possible consequences.

On Wednesday, a woman in Lake Elsinore thought it would be best for her to flee after crashing into another car.

Luckily, James Thompson saw the events unfold and chased after the woman into a Chevron gas station. Thompson parked his minivan behind the woman's sedan, essentially pinning her into a space that has a vacuum on one side and a curb on the other.

He then pulled out his phone and captured their interaction on video.

The video continues with the woman backing over the curb and nearly hitting Thompson.

She then speeds off into the distance.

Thompson explained his actions to NBC Los Angeles.

"I was trying to do what was right. She does a hit-and-run. Who knows if those people were hurt. She takes off driving 90 mph. There's kids, there's other people."

He said he called 911 but the woman took off before the police could arrive on the scene.

No one was reported injured in the initial hit and run incident.

No arrests have been reported Thursday morning but she probably will be seeing the authorities pretty soon.

Check out the report at NBC Los Angeles.

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