Top Dem Donors Are Feeling So Anxious, They're Looking For New Candidates

A field once touted as the most diverse in history may be causing historic anxiety for the Democratic Party.

About half a dozen Democratic donors, who recently met in New York City, are now questioning their own party's presidential front-runners. According to the Washington Post, they're even seeking out new candidates...

A New York Times headline reads: "Anxious Democratic Establishment Asks, 'Is There Anybody Else?'"

Democratic Presidential Candidates Participate In Fourth Debate In Ohio

Photo: Getty Images

The group doesn't think Joe Biden is strong enough (and aren't too keen on his baggage, mainly his son's Ukraine dealings)... And the group is also concerned that both Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are 'too liberal' to win.

Once a Beto O'Rourke supporter, Oprah Winfrey has allegedly been hoping that Bob Iger, the Chief Executive Officer of Disney, would jump in the race.

"They don't have anybody who can win the general," major Dem donor John Coale said.

Does this open the door wider for Hillary Clinton? Or does this allude that the party that needs to make some serious changes? We guess only time will tell!

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