RATS: Los Angeles is the 2nd Most Rat Infested City in the US

Side View Of Rat Against Black Background

Let's be honest, rats are very unpopular.

We don't know about you but we prefer to keep our distance from these little creatures.

Imagine our surprise when Los Angeles was ranked 2nd in Orkin's Top 50 Rattiest Cities in the US.

Los Angeles is ranked behind Chicago, but that is not saying much when there are 48 other cities ranked behind you.

Is that something they want to be proud of? Our guess is probably not.

The rest of the top five goes on with New York ranked 3rd, Washington DC (Hagerstown) ranked 4th, and a three-way tie for the 5th spot: Oakland, San Jose, and San Francisco.

If you live in these cities, you are probably already aware of all the rats that tend to help themselves to some snacks and free bedding.

Orkin has said that as the temperatures cool down, rats will be looking for shelters with readily-available food and water.

Unfortunately, that means you might have new tenants as the weather gets much colder.

You can read the rest of the list as well as ways to prevent a rodent invasion at the Orkin website.

Photo: Getty Images

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