Orange County Mother Rants and Gets Charged

Everyone wants to protect their child from bullying.

One Orange County mother decided to take this into a middle school classroom.

33-year old Christian Chylyn Prince-Tinsley walked into an eight grade classroom and told the students to stop bullying her daughter.

However, it did not stop there.

She went on to threaten students' families if the bullying continued.

Probably something you should not do in a public school to a room full of teenagers.

Here is the video of the rant.

(Language Warning)

The incident took place in Laguna Niguel's Niguel Hills Middle School back in May.

Prince-Tinsley was charged with one count of "interference with the good order and administration of a school classroom with the intent to disrupt."

She told ABC 7 that she did not regret her actions.

"She was sexually harassed at school on Friday. The school took action and they suspended the boy immediately, but because of the suspension, now she's the bad person," the mother said in an interview. "Kids are committing suicide every day because they're getting bullied, I don't want that for my daughter."

Her arraignment is on Nov. 6th and she could be sentenced up to a year in jail according to prosecutors.

If you want to protect your child from bullying, you probably should not got this route.

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