CHP is Cracking Down on Texting Drivers

traveller use smartphone and nevigate route for start journey

It's Teen Distracted Driving Week and cops are on the lookout for people on phones. A one-year federal grant has partnered an advocacy group with the CHP to crack down on the number one killer of teens … car crashes.

The CHP has more patrols looking for teen distracted drivers or any drivers who are texting, doing makeup etc. CHP Southern Division Officer Chris Baldonado says part of a federal grant will put education campaigns on hundreds of school campuses across the state.

"They could be distracted by reading a newspaper, which I've seen, or reading a tablet. Or looking down and not paying attention to the roadway."

Baldonado added that the CHP has authorities specifically assigned to patrol for distracted drivers.

"The enforcement part of it is just our office is actively looking for distracted driving. Whereas if I were on patrol, I'd be looking for everything."

Impact teen Drivers director, Kelly Browning, spoke with KFI's Corbin Carson and stated that the amount of teen deaths while driving is very much avoidable.

"In California alone, we could fill up approximately 8 yellow school buses with the amount of teens that I lost last year in preventable car crashes."

As part of the grant, Brownings team will educate teens and schools across the state.

"In three quarter of these crashes, they don't involve alcohol or drugs. They involve reckless and distracted driving," Browning added.

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