It Seems Like Felicity Huffman May Be Getting Special Treatment in Prison

Questions are being raised about Felicity Huffman's time in prison after photos of her smiling in at the prison facility reached the internet.

Huffman was walking freely through the prison lot with no guards in set.

It appeared to be a family visit day because photos of Huffman's husband William H. Macy and their daughter were photographed as well.

According to “Dance Moms” star Abby Lee Miller, who served eight months in federal prison for bankruptcy fraud, inmates are never allowed visits this early into serving their sentences.

“It took me up to 90 days to get people approved to come and visit. There is a huge application form to fill out, big background check...." she said.

A former inmate and now prison consultant Larry Levine thinks Huffman may be getting special privilege.

“It is a good two- or three-week process to get a visitor approved. This lady had her visits approved in two days? Three days? It is almost as if she got there and somebody went and circumvented the federal prison's own policy.”

The prison facility that Huffman is staying at is the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, California and according to their website it takes seven days for a visiting list to get improved.

It took Huffman only a few days to get her visitors.

It also appears that she may be getting a special meal privilege as well.

"They sent her to the front of the line with a food tray — go ahead and eat, sit down. It is almost like they are putting her in semi-quarantine, trying to keep her away from the inmate population," Levine added. 

Huffman is expected to be released on Oct. 27th. We're looking forward to reading her tell-all book in a few years (sarcastic tone).

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