Gavin Newsom Believes He's Helped The Housing Crisis; Facts Say Otherwise

California Gubernatorial Candidate Gavin Newsom Holds Primary Night Event In San Francisco

Photo: Getty Images

Gavin Newsom truly believes he's doing a good job.

His whole campaign ran on fixing the crisis in California.

With less than a year since he's been sworn in, Newsom believes he's handling the problem just fine.


Someone get this guy a fact-check before he opens his mouth and keeps embarrassing himself.

Many of his promises to speed the housing production, boost the state's authority, or to make housing more affordable have been stalled or failed.

“It seems like a pretty meaningful failure,” said Michael Lens, an associate professor of urban planning and public policy at UCLA. “Either a failure of commitment or a failure of effort

The only thing he's been able to accomplish is preventing large rent increases.

Newsom believes he's done so much more though. He think by the years end all the work he has put into housing will make a large dent in the problem.

Instead all we see is the budget for this increasing every day!

Why is taxing Californians more for your mistakes consider a success in your book, Newsom?

Somebody impeach this guy please.

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