What is The George Clooney Effect and What is Love? Hint: NOT the Same

Hey, folks! Dr. Wendy has been live streaming while the LA Chargers has been on the football field and the KFI airwaves. This is just a reminder that you can still find her shows On-Demand HERE.

For instance, click BELOW to listen to what you *might* have missed on October 13th. The Halloween season is upon us. What does it say when people like to be afraid?? Really, isn't that kinda odd?

Dr. Wendy also talks about the evolution of love and monogamy. They evolved to create bonds to keep people together long enough to procreate and raise offspring - thus, the human race survives. Ta da!! But there's more, of course.

And who doesn't get a little moony when George Clooney gets on-camera? He's so compelling that psychiatrists have actually named a thing after him - The George Clooney Effect – yup, but what is it?

As a special treat on these live-streaming days, we're playing a different episode of the podcast, Mating Matters, Dr. Wendy's exploration in to the ingrained human habits of mating caused in all of us through evolution. The episode featured in this show is called "What Is Love?"

"What Is Love?" talks about all the different iterations of that beautiful love thing. There are many different kinds and a lot of the love you experience in life can be tracked back to your personal "attachment" style, which you probably learned as a child. But that doesn't mean you can't tweak it a bit with a little awareness.

If you find "What is Love?" interesting (and, really, how could you not?), click BELOW to start from the beginning. That's right, Episode One, Hidden Eggs. Women have "concealed fertility," which just means it is not obvious to anyone, even the woman, when she is ovulating. This simple fact changes things in humans and explains a lot of our behavior.

If you love Mating Matters, please subscribe to it on the iHeart Radio App or in iTunes where you can give us a rating and write a review. That's super important for other people to be able to find it in search. Of course, you'll want to share it with your friends, too, cuz you're gonna need someone to talk about all the interesting things you learn about yourself and your boo - that is your past, present or future boo, too. Thanks!

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