SHLS - This Couple Came to L.A. to Become Stars but They Became Homeless


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A lot of people come to Los Angeles in hopes of finding fame and fortune.

We've all heard these kinds of stories before, right? Someone traveled cross country with nothing but a few dollars in their pocket, they made it here, and they made it big.

But that is not the story of Louxk Calhoun and Bri Meilbeck. Sure, they did get the first part of the story right.

Calhoun and Meilbeck had been dating for a month in Detroit when Calhoun made a contact in the "music business" in Los Angeles. Well, the young couple decided to move.

They had nothing but $800 and a few bags.

When they got to L.A., their troubles began.

The contact fell through, and Calhoun tried another contact with no success.

In two weeks, the couple became homeless.

Meilbeck had this to say:

"No matter what I think of myself, I couldn't think of myself as better than another person on the street because we were on the street"

But what do Bryan Suits and millennial Irina Skaya think of the story? Listen below to find out!

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