Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

Honorable Mention - Iowa family's basement fills with 5 inches of animal blood after pipe break

9 - Identical twin babies were delivered by identical twin nurses at a Georgia hospital

8 - Study shows that ingredients in chocolate chip cookies can trigger similar responses as cocaine and marijuana

7 - Deputies beg man to quit calling about his roommate stealing his illegal marijuana

6 - Newly released high-tech e-rosary triggered by making the sign of the cross

5 - Man with his own name tattooed on his neck arrested after giving fake name

4 - Alaska Fat Bear Week contest declares winner...and it is Holly!

3 - Air Force finally retires 8-inch floppies from missile launch control system

2 - Norwegians are being told to pee in the shower in order to save water

1 - It is now legal to eat roadkill in California

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