Anger Over Growing Homeless Encampment Services Near Venice Blvd

Two unemployed and homeless women who sl

A growing homeless encampment on Venice Boulevard now has portable showers and bathrooms. A contractor for the City of Los Angeles just set them up next to George Frem's business, something he thinks is unacceptable.

"Obviously this is not good for any business. The city knows very well that we've complained about that for a long time," said Frem, who owns a car business in the area said. "But they're not doing anything about it, so we're becoming like a dictatorship."

Portable showers and bathrooms are brought in on a trailer once a week and hooked up to a fire hydrant for those people who want to take a shower. Recently, homeless encampments have sprung up all along both sidewalks where Venice Boulevard crosses under the 405 freeway.

Previously, Culver City police prevented homeless encampments from being constructed on their side of the street. One neighbor told us he's giving up and leaving the Mar Vista neighborhood.

Photo: Getty Images

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