#TechTalk: Made By Google Event Highlights

Google just held its annual Made By Google event in New York City where they revealed a variety of products.

They showed off computers, earbuds, and much more, but the item that really caught Marc Saltzman's attention was the Nest Mini smart speaker.

Not only is it "new and improved" in all the ways you would expect, but its also equipped with new features that blew Marc away.

The new Nest Mini is capable of detecting background noise and adjusting its playback volume in order to fight through the commotion. The smart speaker also has the ability to connect to all of your other Nest speakers and play the same audio, creating one massive sound system.

The most impressive feature, though, is part of its Nest Aware service. With this, the Nest Mini can hear your smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors and alert you to it no matter where you are on the planet.

The event also unveiled the Google Pixel 4!

We talked to Marc about both of these things and so much more today. Listen to our conversation right here!

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