Rage Yoga: Alcohol, Profanity, Obscene Gestures, Oh... And Yoga!

Think you're not zen enough for yoga? Think again!

There's a new twist to the usually calm and quiet practice of traditional yoga. And it's becoming all the rage...

It's literally called rage yoga, and instructor Amanda Kauffman started teaching it two years ago (after seven years as a traditional 'yogi').

“The technique is different. Instead of calming your mind, you’re bringing everything out,” she told WDAF. “Instead of just trying to push it out quietly, you’re going to push it out, and it’s going to be loud!”

Kauffman plays loud music while she encourages everyone to scream, cuss, drink, and even make obscene gestures during the class.

“A lot of people stay away from yoga because they think, ‘Oh well, you know, I’m not good enough for that, or what are people going to think about my poses,'” she “And in here, you can just be yourself.”

Learn more about rage yoga here.

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