Hundreds Of Birds Crash Into NASCAR Hall Of Fame Building

NASCAR may be most famous for the crashes that occur on the track, but a more unusual scene unfolded outside the racing league's Hall of Fame on Tuesday night...

About 300 birds crashed head-on into the building's large glass windows.

Video posted by FOX 8 shows hundreds of the birds lying on the ground, and even captures one as it crashes. One-third of the birds were found dead, another third had serious injuries, and the rest were just stunned.

Though millions of birds are killed flying into windows annually, its unusual for it to happen to Chimney Swifts, according to Audubon North Carolina. The organization says they've never seen anything like it and recommends the museum turn out the light at night during the rest of the migration.

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue took on the birds that survived, and have been nursing them back to health.

Read the full report on Fox 46.

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