Lawyer Sweet James Bergener Joins Us To Discuss Tyler Skaggs' Death

Texas Rangers v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

New details have emerged in Angels starting pitcher Tyler Skaggs' death.

Eric Kay, a member of the media staff for 24 years, told DEA investigators that he willing purchased opioids for Skaggs for many years.

He even admitted that he took the drugs with Skaggs on many occasions.

But it wasn't just Skaggs, he also told the DEA investigators that five other Angels players used opioids.

However, those players have not been identified.

Kay has been on paid leave since Skaggs death in July and now faces criminal charges for purchasing the illegal drug.

The Angels have denied that anyone within the organization knew of Skaggs drug use as well as the other players.

Many experts have said the Angels could be held liable and could pay Skaggs' family millions of dollars.

Skaggs was found dead in Southlake, Texas in his hotel room on July 1. His death was ruled accidental when he choked on his vomit from combining opioids, oxycodone, fentanyl, and alcohol.

Our friend, Sweet James Bergener of Bergener Mirejovsky, calls in to offer his view on what happens next with the Angels and Skaggs' family.

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