A New Documentary Shines Light On The West Coast's Homeless Problem

Large Winter Storm Brings Snow To Seattle

Photo: Getty Images

Our friends over at KOMO News in Seattle released an extraordinary documentary this week.

They've been so fed up with the homeless problem occurring on the West Coast, they decide to immerse themselves in the roots of the homelessness and drug addiction that fills the streets of Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.

KOMO News went up and down the West Coast filming the realities of these cities and hoping to find an answer.

The crew at the John and Ken show hope this documentary will bring more awareness to this ongoing crisis.

It's time for state leaders to take action and end this.

It's not fair to the residents of these areas to be exposed to these dangers.

We're grateful for KOMO News for this documentary and hope it spreads through the United States. Stop moving to these cities and thinking it's like the movies. It's not.

To see the full documentary, please CLICK here.

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