Woman Sues Hotel After Nearly Dying From Liquid Nitrogen Poured into Drink

A Tampa woman says she nearly died after drinking a glass of water with liquid nitrogen poured into it while at the Don CeSar Hotel to celebrate her birthday.

Stacey Wagers says she and her friend watched a waiter pour something into a dessert to make it smoke.

After telling the waiter that the smoke "looked cool" he poured some liquid nitrogen into their glasses of water to make them smoke.

Wagers told NBC News that she immediately felt sick after drinking the water.

She was later transported to the hospital and ended up having her gallbladder and part of her stomach removed.

Doctors say her stomach was burned from the cold of the liquid nitrogen, which can reach -320 Fahrenheit and her attorney says she will have lifelong digestion issues.

Wagers is suing the hotel for the incident and representatives for DOn CeSar had yet to comment on the lawsuit.

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