Are Smartphones Harming Our Love Life?

Are you and your partner ones who like to scroll through news updates and social media on your smartphones before you go to bed? Well, this might be harming your romantic relationship. Approximately 2,000 Americans polled in a survey commissioned by global tech solutions company Asurion, are twice as likely not to engage in romantic activity when they bring their phones to bed.

The study shows that these Americans spend their last hour before sleep on their phones. Around 25% of these participants say the last thing they see before they go to sleep is their phone screen. Seems like the face of the glaring phone screen is replacing the face of your precious loved one before you go to bed.

Ultimately, communication between couples in bed is being harmed due to screen time addiction. The study goes on to say that 55% of the participants are missing out on quality time with their significant other and 35% say that their sex life has been affected as well.

According to Bettie Colombo, Asurion spokesperson, "The survey reveals that phones aren't just changing how we socialize and stay connected, they're influencing how we relate to each other in our closest relationships."

Now this is crazy, 93% of Americans sleep with their phone right beside them and 10% have their phone under their pillow. It's no secret that our culture today wants to stay connected, which is why our smartphones are glued to us 24/7. Interestingly, the survey concluded that 51% of participants want to have a better balance of phone time and everyday life.

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