Texas Police Officer Fatally Shot Woman Through The Window Of Her Own Home

A Fort Worth police officer fatally shot a 28-year-old woman in her own home while responding to an "open structure call." One of Atatiana Jefferson's neighbors called a non-emergency number around 2:30 in the morning because they were concerned that her front door was open.

When officers arrived, Jefferson was inside the home, playing video games with her eight-year-old nephew. The officers reportedly parked around the corner and approached her house on foot. Jefferson heard some noises in her yard and went to the window to investigate.

Body camera footage showed the officer walking around outside of the house with a flashlight. When the officer saw Jefferson standing inside, he told her: "Put your hands up, show me your hands!"

Before giving her a chance to respond, the officer fired one shot that killed Jefferson. He never identified himself as a police officer.

Officers rushed inside and found a firearm, but did not say if she was holding it when she was shot. They attempted to administer emergency medical care, but Jefferson was pronounced dead at the scene.

James Smith, who called the police, told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that he feels partially responsible for the deadly shooting.

"It makes you not want to call the police department. If you don't feel safe with the police department, then who do you feel safe with? Do you just ignore crime or ignore something that's not right?"

The officer has not been identified but has been placed on paid administrative leave while officials investigate the shooting.

Community leaders are demanding answers and want to see the officer arrested for murder.

"We demand an immediate arrest of this officer," Pastor B. R. Daniels Jr. of Beth Eden Baptist Church wrote on Facebook. "We demand that this officer be charged with murder. We will not play nice and be understanding! We want justice now and we will not settle for anything less!"

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