DSP - How Would One Kick Turkey out of NATO?

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There has been a lot of news about Turkey and their involvement in Syria.

Al Jazeera has even reported that this involvement may have brought back ISIL.

Redur Xelil an official from the Syrian Democratic Forces states:

"The Turkish invasion is no longer threatening the revival of Daesh [ISIL], rather it has revived it and activated its cells in Qamishli and Hassakeh and all the other areas".

He went on to say:

We are now fighting on two fronts: one front against the Turkish invasion and a front against Daesh".

With all of this going on, some are asking if it is time to kick Turkey out of NATO.

So, how would you kick Turkey, or any other country, out of NATO?

Well, there would need to be an amendment to the treaty, and the treaty can only be amended if every member state agrees to it. That includes the member that would be kicked out.

And would any country vote to kick themselves out? Not very likely.

Bryan Suits explains more about it below!

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