Shark Takes Bite out of Diver's Kayak, Leaves Behind Two Teeth

A great white shark bit into a scuba diver's kayak off Catalina Island last weekend and left a couple things behind...

Danny McDaniel says that he felt something bump his kayak and assumed it was his friend, but realized it was actually a shark.

“I saw the snout of the shark over the back of the kayak. Then I followed the snout up and there’s a giant, immense body off to the right side of the boat.”

He says the shark turned his kayak and bit into it before swimming away leaving two of its teeth behind.

McDaniel says that great whites are normally shy creatures, but are likely to come closer to humans if they're curious.

“This is the new normal. We have to share the ocean with them. We should always be thinking there may be sharks here — but that doesn’t necessarily mean we should be scared.”

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