MugshotOfTheDay: Meth Sandwich Mugshot

(Elizabeth Marie Catlett & Don Russell Furr - Garland County Detention Center)

A meth sandwich.

That was Elizabeth Marie Catlett's excuse when she was arrested along with Don Russell Furr this week in Arkansas.

According to The Sentinel-Record, a police officer noticed Catlett driving her car without the headlights on, so after he followed her for a bit, he pulled the vehicle over.

While approaching, he could smell marijuana, then Catlett and Furr didn't help the situation once the officer started talking to them, fidgeting around and avoiding eye contact with him.

While the officer was arresting the two (who were holding meth and paraphernalia, by the way), Catlett let the officer know that she might fail a drug test because of the "meth sandwich" that her brother slipped her.

I repeat, a meth sandwich...

After talking to them more, the officer was able to get them to admit that they smoked meth the night before and that they had visited Catlett's brother in the hospital.

When they went and talked to the brother, he let the police know that he had a "meth shake" out in his car glove box.

Ok, hold on.

A "meth sandwich"?

A "meth shake"?

It appears that my understanding of secret menus is pretty useless out in the Ozarks.

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