Make Sure To Eat Your Vegetables: Quarter of Americans Don't Eat Vegetables

Do you enjoy vegetables? If you're like most Americans, then you probably haven't eaten a veggie in your entire life!

According to a survey done by, one in four Americans have never eaten a vegetable in their life.

While that is a worrisome fact, the survey reveals that many are motivated to increase their vegetable intake. About 72% admit they wish they ate more vegetables while 67% feel guilty for not having some with their meal.

As for why people aren't eating their vegetables, a quarter of the respondents says their produce rots before they can cook it, and the same number says vegetables are too expensive.

Another 22% say veggies take too long to prep, and 20% aren't sure on how to properly cook them.

So what are the most popular vegetables?

The survey reveals that 91.4% enjoy corn with potatoes coming in at a close second at 91.2%.

As for the least popular, 27% do not like turnips with beets coming in second at 26%.

If you're curious about other popular or unpopular vegetables, you can view the list by going here.

Neil Saavedra of The Fork Report stops by to chat about the survey.

John Kobylt of John and Ken does not eat vegetables!

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