SCE May Cut Power for 106,250 Customers Due to Santa Ana Winds Fire Threat

Due to a strong force of Santa Ana winds, the Southern California Edison company is now considering shutting off power for thousands of customers to prevent any potential wildfires. The company has activated an emergency operations team to monitor the ongoing issue.

Edison's Don Daigler spoke with KFI News Monday Oct. 7th and stated that power could be cut for about 106,250 users.

"You're going to see those numbers vary over the course of any given day and each day we will update the forecast and make the appropriate notifications based on that new forecast that we get."

Eight massive screens feed information into the emergency operations center.

"What we're seeing is impacts to a number of the counties across our service territory."

Daigler says most of the customers are others scattered around LA, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, but most are in Mono County. Daigler says the utility looks at the forecast, topography and the location of substations when deciding whether to cut power.

According to the SoCal Edisons website, the following cities can be affected.

Kern County (approximately 12,076 customers)

Inyo County (approximately 538 customers)

Mono County (approximately 13,963 customers)

Riverside County (approximately 19,434 customers)

San Bernardino County (approximately 27,630 customers)

Los Angeles County (approximately 30,773 customers)

Tulare County (approximately 253 customers)

Ventura County (approximately 1,589 customers)

Photo credit: Getty Images

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