Mother Turns In 17-Year-Old Son Over School Shooting Plans

A 17-year-old Washington teen has been arrested after his mother found plans for a high school massacre in his journal.

The mother, who goes by Nicole, says her son was planning to use guns and pipe bombs to "blast everyone in sight" - and planned the attack for April 20, 2020, which is the 20th anniversary of Columbine.

"I know a lot of people that go to College Place High School. Their lives would have been forever changed," she said. "It's devastating... I know I did all I can do and that I made the right choice."

The teen claimed the journal was "just a story", but authorities say the plans go "beyond creative writing". His mother says she struggled with the decision to turn her son in...

"She's very courageous," said Troy Tomaras, College Place Police Chief. "It's clearly very emotional for her. She loves her son."

"Truth hurts sometimes," Nicole said, noting that she believes her son is safer in jail than at school.

Read the full story on CBS News.

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