Ralph Garman dances with the devil in the pale moonlight

Ralph Garman, formerly of Kevin & Bean on KROQ, hosts The Ralph Report podcast and co-hosts Hollywood Babble-On with Kevin Smith

Ralph Garman is an actor, comedian and impressionist who hosts The Ralph Report Podcast, co-hosts the Hollywood Babble-On Podcast with Kevin Smith, was on Kevin & Bean on KROQ for nearly 20 years, hosted The Joe Schmo Show, and has a bunch of movie and TV credits -- including all kinds of voices on Family Guy. Ralph's originally from Philadelphia, and way back when drove to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career. He eventually fell into radio, and his fill-in gig with Kevin and Bean lasted 18 years. We cover his love for all things Batman (especially the original, Adam West), balancing work and family, how he and his wife dealt with the loss of one of their prematurely born twins, being thrust into 9/11 coverage, why he doesn't turn down any requests for impressions (his Arnold Schwarzenegger is legendary!), and how podcasting saved his life.


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