Who Wins The Title Of 'Most Miserable City' In The U.S.?

If someone asked you what the "most miserable city" in America was, would you say Los Angeles?

Frankly, if you live in Southern California, you just might, but SURPRISE! It is NOT Los Angeles!

In fact, no Southern California city shows up in the Top 5.

According to Business Insider, the list was compiled using census data from 1,000 cities taking into consideration the following things:

  • population change
  • percentage of people working
  • median household incomes
  • percentage of people without health care
  • median commute times
  • number of people living in poverty

So, it's a good thing that no Southern California city shows up in the Top 5 right? Well, what cities DID receive that honor?

  • #1 Gary, Indiana
  • #2 Port Arthur, Texas
  • #3 Detroit, Michigan
  • #4 Passaic, New Jersey
  • #5 Newark, New Jersey

But, that doesn't mean some of our illustrious local cities didn't make the list. Ten of them did, here's who they are and where they ranked on the list:

  • #10 Huntington Park
  • #14 Bell Gardens
  • #21 Lynwood
  • #22 El Monte
  • #36 Palmdale
  • #40 Montebello
  • #41 Compton
  • #42 San Bernadino
  • #44 Hemet
  • #50 Lancaster

To our local cities that made the list.... congratulations, you're a miserable place to live!

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