Music Producer Joins John & Ken To Talk About The 'Subway Soprano'

By now you've seen the amazing video of a homeless woman singing a Puccini aria at the Purple Line Metro station in Koreatown.

LAPD Officer Frazier took the video and posted it to the department's Twitter account and it quickly went viral because of her incredible voice and because no one knew who she was, she was only known as the 'Subway Soprano.'

Eventually, it was discovered that the woman was Emily Zamourka, a classically trained violinist and pianist, who moved to the U.S. from Russia 30 years ago to teach music students. But some health issues a few years back racked up medical bills and before she knew it, she was homeless, sleeping in a parking lot and playing her violin to earn money. But that violin was stolen from her, so she decided to sing in subway stations as a way to make money, but she hasn't yet earned enough to be able to get off the street.

The video got so much attention, that offers came pouring in to help her. Two GoFundMe accounts were created to help her and donations poured in to help Emily get back on her feet. One has raised more than $65,000 and the other has raised more than $34,000. The Downtown Women's Center got her off the street and into a hotel room and when someone asked what else they could do for her, Emily said, "I want to thank Officer Frazier for taking the video.' That wish was granted as you can see in the video below.

The good news has continued since, Emily is performing at San Pedro's 'Little Italy" event this weekend and a Grammy-nominated producer has just stepped up big time.

Joel Diamond wants to make Emily an offer. He wants to create an innovative classical / EDM crossover hit with her and release it on his record label, Silver Blue Records and he's been trying to get the contract to her.

Diamond spoke to CBS News and said:

"I saw her on this viral video like everybody else and I said to myself, 'You know something, and I felt it in my gut, there's not only a great story here, but also a great career here. And all she needs is an opportunity to help her fulfill her dream."

Diamond will join John & Ken in studio today at 4pm to talk about his offer for Emily.

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