City Councilman Proposes $2.2 Million More for Skid Row Homeless Services

Homeless man sleeping in sleeping bag on cardboard

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Los Angeles City Councilman Jose Huizar today proposed expanding the hygiene station in Skid Row and asked for funding for rapid re-housing programs for 150 women facing homelessness.

``We must move quickly to combat the homelessness crisis, and we must incorporate both short- and long-term strategies,'' Huizar said. ``The motions I presented today are essential to providing the funding to meet the immediate needs of Skid Row's homeless population and our long-term goals of setting people on a path to permanent placement.''

Huizar is seeking $1.5 million for rapid re-housing and social services including support for education, employment, housing placement and more.

The goal is to help the women make the transition from homelessness to temporary or permanent housing, he said. Services will also be provided at the Downtown Women's Center to help improve housing retention for minority women.

Huizar is seeking an additional $500,000 to expand the Skid Row ReFresh Spot hygiene station for up to 180 people daily, and $150,000 for ``community ambassadors'' to assist with service coordination.

The ambassadors will assist people by providing safe travel to and from the ReFresh Spot and the bin where residents store their personal belongings.

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