Surprised Car Burglar Caught On Dash Cam

Have you ever heard of the saying, 'a picture is worth a thousand words'?

Well, this picture is apparently worth every penny that one Oregon woman spent on her vehicles motion-sensor dash cam.

“I am totally happy I bought that camera. It’s worth every penny,” the owner of the car said.

(She wants to remain anonymous until the suspect is no longer on the loose).

“It starts recording without any light as soon as the motion happens," she added. "But after 10 seconds, the light comes on -- he was startled by that!"

The owner of the car, who lives at the Sorrento Bluff Apartments in Beaverton, was first alerted by her neighbors when they noticed her car doors open.

“Nothing was missing, but you could see someone had gone through my car,” she said. “First thing I did was look at my notifications. I went — I got a picture of the guy that broke into my car!”

So - what could have been a very bad day, turned out to just be a kind of bad day... that was also kind of funny.

Police now have the dash cam footage and are working to find the suspect.

“I just kept playing back the video because it was just so funny,” she said.

Check out the full story on KOIN 6.

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