Sperm Donor Sues Clinic After Learning He's The Father Of 17 Kids

For years to come, Father's Day will likely be a very busy holiday for Portland resident Bryce Cleary.

The medical doctor just filed a lawsuit against against the Oregon Health and Science University sperm donation center after he learned that he's the father of 17 children...

According to the lawsuit, Cleary made a sperm donation in 1989. At that time he was told his sperm would be used to father no more than five children, none of whom would be born in Oregon, he claims.

However, Cleary was contacted last year by two women who'd just learned they were sisters and Cleary was their father. Since then, he's learned his sperm was used to father at least 15 more children!!!

OHSU officials have not said much about the case, writing in a statement, "OHSU treats any allegation of misconduct with the gravity it deserves. In light of our patient privacy obligations and the confidentiality of protected health information, we cannot comment on this case."

Check out the full report on KGW8 News.

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