Dog is Reunited With Owners After Being Found Three States Away

Dogs are man's best friend. They offer so much love and companionship for millions of people.

So when a dog is lost, it's losing a family member.

That is what Jessica Smith and her family initially thought when her dog, Bella, went missing for six weeks.

However, Bella was found in Las Cruces, New Mexico by college student Juan Treto. He brought Bella to his home and fostered her.

He then went to get Bella checked out and learned that she was chipped and was 700 miles away from her home in Southern California.

Jessica Smith told ABC 7.

"I have two daughters and they have been heartbroken. It's like a dream. I've heard of situations like this but not states away."

It is unclear how Bella made the long journey but Jessica and her family are happy to have her back with them.

Treto told ABC 7 that he was happy that Bella was reunited with her family.

If you find a lost dog, take them to your local animal shelter so they can be reunited with their families. There is a good chance that their family is looking for them.

Credit: ABC 7

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