Woman Dies at 102 Years Old, DirecTV Charges Early Cancellation Fee

Living to be a 102 years old is a remarkable thing.

So remarkable that DirecTV will send an early cancellation fee to your family once you die.

Isabel Albright of San Lorenzo, California passed away last December at the remarkable age of 102. She had been a loyal customer to DirecTV for years.

So why was she charged for the fee? It turns out that by the end of her life, a caregiver had moved into the home. So the family wanted to add a DirecTV box in the back room for them.

It turns out that adding the new box started a new two-year agreement with DirecTV. When her family wanted to turn off the service, they were hit with the early cancellation fee.

John Manrique, her son-in-law, told ABC 7.

"They told us... we're going to charge you $160 for an early termination fee.''

Even though Albright had died, DirecTV still charged for the fee because the bill was under her daughter's name.

John said that his wife paid for all of her mother's bills because she couldn't do it anymore.

He then told ABC 7.

"Nobody told us that, in fact, we made it clear when we added the TV in the extra room that it was a temporary thing...We're saying my mother-in-law's on hospice, we're not gonna pay, you know, two-year contract."

After a lot of back forth with DirecTV, Albright's family didn't have to pay fee.

DirecTV's parent company, AT&T sent an apology letter stating they will waive the early cancellation fee.

Credit: ABC 7

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