The Hypocrisy of Los Angeles' Council Members

It's time we call it like it is.

The people sitting in office at LA's city hall are nothing but hypocrites.

In case you missed the news, the plastic straw ban went in effect this week.

So now at any restaurant in Los Angeles, in order to have a straw you have to ask for it.

It's ridiculous and shameful that council members have wasted this much time making sure we ban plastic straws.

Because there's so many other issues going on in LA that don't pertain to straws.

What about the hundreds of people sleeping on the sidewalks, under the freeways, and on our streets.

Why haven't they done anything about the feces and drugs roaming the streets.

They just don't care.

These people will impose their stupid laws on us. But when it comes to getting something actually worthwhile done they're useless.

We're tired of sitting around and watching these politicians ruin this city.

It's truly an embarrassment.

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