House Listing Goes Viral After Photos of a Man in a 'Scream' Mask Appear

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Spooky season is upon us.

It's finally October and some people are extremely excited for the Halloween season.

This seems to be the case for a Michigan realtor.

James Pyle recently had his newest listing in Lansing, Michigan go viral because of his listing photos.

While Pyle was showing off the house, a man dressed in a 'Scream' mask appeared in every photo.

Yes, the mask from the classic scary movie. It's kind of terrifying when you really start to notice him.

"Halloween is my favorite holiday and so we thought this would be good season to incorporate doing something fun with a listing," Pyle told ABC News. "The homeowners are very good friends of mine and they told me 'do whatever you want, have fun with it.'"

Pyle explained that he got a good friend of him to dress up in the costume and hide throughout the house while he took photos for the listing.

The photo shoot took over two hours and shows the 'Scream' character doing normal house things like raking the leaves, standing on the porch and lying on the carpet.

Pyle was hoping that these photos would get him a few extra views but never expected it to blow up like it has.

Ever since the photos have gone viral, his listing has gotten over 900,000 views.

In case you're interested in the house, the 1,568 square foot single-family home on Chestnut Street, is listed for $105,000.

To see the photos of the listing, please visit ABC News.

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