Company Turns Destructive Swamp Rodents into Dog Treats

California has had its issues with the swamp rodent, nutria, for a while now and while wildlife agencies are working to get rid of them, a Louisiana company may have a more....creative solution.

Marsh Dog, a company based in Baton Rouge, has developed a type of dog snack that is made from the meat of the nutria rats.

The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries says the destructive critters were first brought to state in the 1930s when the nutria fur trade was booming, .

While the demand for the animal's fur has basically disappeared, the population of nutria has skyrocketed to more than 20 million.

Marsh Dog president Hansel Harlan explains that this is an idea that can help everyone.

"Nutria are a herbivore that absolutely love our wetlands and devour it like nobody’s business. By creating a market for nutria, we incentivize people to hunt the nutria, which keeps their population in check."

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