#TerrorInTheSkies: Crazy in the Sky

An American Airlines flight made an emergency landing due to one man's crazy decision.The flight took off from Phoenix and was supposed to land in Minneapolis.The passengers on board expected a peaceful, stress-free flight but what they got was absolute chaos.

Mid-air, a male passenger began wreaking havoc, telling fellow passengers that he was under the influence of drugs. Confused and concerned, passengers watched as the man stormed his way into the bathroom and locked himself inside. As a result, the pilot of the plane had to make an urgent landing due to a "security issue" on board.

One can only imagine the fear the other passengers on board were experiencing as they watched flight attendants encourage this strange, crazy man out of the bathroom. As the plane was landing, the man came out of the bathroom and began smoking a joint. Upon landing, the police boarded the plane and strapped him to a stretcher.

TMZ released this video showing the man smoking the joint in cabin.

As the man was being escorted from the plane, many could hear him scream, "Take it off, it hurts, I'll f***ing kill you!" Clearly, police were dealing with someone who had completely lost their mind. According to Denver Police Department, the officers at the scene determined the situation to be "medical related." The man's current situation is unknown but thankfully the plane was able to re-depart after the incident.

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