SHLS - Two Women Perform a Bizarre IRS Scam

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There has been another IRS scam!

But this one has a bit of a twist.

KTLA reports that Ailing Lu and Ji Hyun Lee were arrested in Fontana for posing as Internal Revenue Service employees and scamming people nationwide out of around $900,000.

But they didn't just take advantage of their victims by telling people to pay them. They were asking for gift cards.

For example, a man from Fontana got a call from someone who said that they were from the IRS. The caller claimed that the man was going to arrest him unless he paid her $2,200 in Target gift cards.

The man reported the call to authorities who looked into the matter along with Target's Loss Prevention Unit.

They compared security footage and eventually tracked down Ailing Lu and Ji Hyun Lee.

So, let's do a quick reminder:

Also, the IRS will never call you!

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