#TechTalk: iOS13 Is Coming Tonight!

The new iPhone 11s are set to hit the shelves tomorrow, so Apple is rolling out their new software update tonight!

Like all the other ones, iOS13 is free, and it is loaded with new features and abilities.

  • Dark Mode - Just like the new Macbook software, this changes the screen lighting to help your eyes
  • Speed - Because every always wants it to be faster
  • Privacy - Rather than signing into apps the traditional way, "Sign In with Apple Service" will keep your email anonymous
  • Maps - Revamped and redone, these new apps will be more detailed and will have 3D options
  • Robocalls - It isn't a perfect system, but it will push all calls from unknown numbers to voicemail
  • Photos - There's multiple new features, including "Slofies"...

  • ...and "High-Key Light Mono portrait mode"

Read the full story at USA Today

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