Teens Decide To Help Bullied Classmate

We all know kids can be jerks right? At some point we all probably made fun of or bullied someone, or were the recipient of those attacks.

Well, two teens recently made a fellow classmate's day, when they decided to help him instead of making fun of him.

Michael Todd is a freshman at MLK College Preparatory in Memphis, Tennessee who said he had been bullied for weeks over his clothes. He says he often has to wear the same clothes to school because he's growing so fast, that his mom can't always afford to buy him new clothes.

Other students noticed, and made fun of him because of it. He says the taunting has been going on 'for weeks.'

Two football players, Kristopher Graham and Antwann Garrett, even though they had taken part in laughing at what bullies would say to Michael in the past, decided what they had done was wrong, and wanted to change the narrative and do their part to stop bullying.

The two talked about what things of their own they could spare to help Michael out, and they gathered together, shoes (even a brand new pair of New Balance sneakers!), shorts, shirts and more and met Michael at his locker, apologized for laughing at him and presented him with the gifts.

Michael was floored by the kindness and said they were the only two kids who had ever given him a gift.

As the story made it's way through social media with the hashtags #StopBullying and #BeKind people all over the country have sent items to the school to help Michael.

Michael is thankful for the items, but even more thankful now, for the two new friends he has made at school.

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