Saudi Arabia is Fairly Confident That Iran is Behind Oil Attacks


Photo: Getty Images

Things have definitely taken a turn for the worse for Iran.

It seems now that Saudi Arabia is fairly confident that Iran is behind the launched missile and drone attack into their southwestern territory on Saturday. People close to the investigation have said that this attack has completely battered the kingdom's oil industry.

“Everything points to them,” said a Saudi official who wasn’t authorized to speak to the media, referring to Iran. “The debris, the intel and the points of impact.”

Since the drones and missiles were flown low to the ground, they were unable to be detected by Saudi's radar or defense systems. Investigators have found debris that appears to be Iranian cruise missile technology, the people said.

The administration back in the United States had quickly concluded that Iran was behind these attacks as well. However key allies to the U.S,such as the U.K and France, said they have not seen any evidence to support these allegations.

“For the moment, France has no proof that would allow all us to say that the drones came from this or that place,” French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said during a visit to Cairo Tuesday.

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