Alabama Launches 'Tide Loyalty Points' For Students Attending Games

Here's a first for college football... Loyalty points?!

New to the University of Alabama this year is an app just for students, that will give them 'loyalty points' for attending football games. And even more points for staying the entire game.

"Tide Loyalty Points is the official fan loyalty program built exclusively for Alabama students! Now, your loyalty to Alabama Athletics is rewarded in the form of priority access to regular season and postseason football tickets!" Their website reads.

Here's how it works:

  • Students earn 100 points for attending a home game
  • (They earn an additional 250 points if they stay until the fourth quarter)
  • Pass a UA credit hour? There's another 100 points
  • And if you donate your student football ticket before the game, you can get up to 75 points.

“It enhances the value of our program if our stadium is full and people stay for 60 minutes in a game,” Head Coach Nick Saban said. “From my standpoint, I always want to see the stadium full and I want to see people stay for 60 minutes of the game.”

But, some students aren't happy that the app will be tracking their location.

“Sell beer; that would keep us here,” Harrison Powell, a sophomore engineering major told the New York Times.

Check out all of the details here.

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