UC Riverside Receives Federal Funds to Find Alternates to Animal Testing

Laboratory mouse in front of laboratory glassware, studio shot

RIVERSIDE (CNS) - UC Riverside will receive roughly $850,000 in federal grant funds for research geared to finding alternatives to using animals for testing chemicals, it was announced today.

UCR was among four universities selected to receive a total $4.25 million under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's new Directive to Prioritize Efforts to Reduce Animal Testing.

``We are excited to support UC Riverside's work in helping reduce the use of animal testing and improve our understanding of chemical safety,'' said EPA Pacific Southwest Administrator Mike Stoker.

Under the directive, which EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler announced via a memorandum, the EPA has set a goal of reducing mammal-based research by 30% in 2025, and eliminating it altogether by 2035, though some exceptions may apply.

Current studies allow for the use of mice and other animals in gauging the safety of chemicals, EPA officials said.

UCR is conducting research that examines the effectiveness of using human cells to measure the effects of some chemicals and pollutants on people, according to the EPA.

The other universities awarded funds are Johns Hopkins, Oregon State and Vanderbilt.

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