73-Year-Old Man Lives in a Van and Believes There's No Place For Him in CA


Photo: Getty Images

The Los Angeles Times released an opinion piece on an elderly man who lives in his van and believes there are no other options for him in California.

The piece follows the man from the moment he wakes up to where he sleeps at night. He describes how he's unable to shower each day. He goes over the process on how he needs to move his van constantly.

He explains how many cities find it illegal for people to live in their vehicles and how he's been classified as homeless despite the fact he doesn't believe he is.

Here's an except from the piece.

"I’m 73. I want to be on the road as long as my health holds out. I would travel more if I could stretch that monthly check further, which is one reason I keep coming back to San Diego. I have family here and a history, nearly 20 years as a resident of a traditional “sticks and bricks” apartment. I like knowing my way around, and the ocean breeze is cool in the summer. But each time I return, the vibe is a little less welcoming, a little more hostile."

To know more, read the full story at the LA Times.

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