Long Beach's Glove Boat Cleans Trash From Ocean, Finds Dockless Scooter

The Long Beach Rainbow Harbor is getting a makeover slowly, but surely as a trio of locals work to clean up the water. The crew of the Glove Boat have been floating about and pulling out pounds of plastic. The initiative started after a group of environmentalist grew tired of piles of trash populating the harbor while they were out for whale watching rides. Captain Matt Sersion says the group takes the family 17-foot whaler from the harbor to the mouth of the LA River. The team as pulled hundreds of pounds of ocean trash so far with their first item being a red boxing glove. The team consist of Captain Matt Sersion, Cruise Director Mimi Masher, and First Mate Jenny Sersion.

KFI's Corbin Carson spent the day visiting with the crew and discovered some of the strangest items retrieved from the water.

The trio told Carson that they are constantly finding various bags, plastic bottles, straws and more.

"People litter in our streets and it just goes in the drain and goes down the river and it ends up in Long Beach and it's here forever."

Boats, staircases, American flags, and hypodermic needles are some of the strange items that the group says they've found.

The waters, however, are polluted with more than snack wrapper tossings. In the video, a group of onlookers caution the Glove Boat that there is a dockless scooter in the harbor.

"You're asking what the weirdest thing we picked up was?" Masher turns and asks with shock on her face.

"This is by far it because we don't know what to do with it now!"

The Glove Boat, whose name comes from only using kitchen gloves when the cruise started four months ago, uses GoFundMe and Facebook to raise money for gas and supplies.

Check out the video of reporter Corbin Carson’s ride along with the Glove Boat at KFI-AM-640 –dot-com.

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