iPhone Users Warned About Apple Support Scam

iPhone users are receiving calls from Apple support warning them that there is suspicious activity on their iPod account.

The call looks authentic because an actual Apple support number or a number from a local Apple store and an Apple logo will display on the screen. So some have been fooled into giving their account or personal information thinking it's a legit call. Then the scammers go to work stealing information off the iCloud.


Scammers are using Caller ID spoofing technology to impersonate the actual Apple support number or a number from a local Apple store.

We all know these scam calls are a huge problem, even the FBI is dealing with scammers that are spoofing their actual phone number.

Apple's website advises that if a customer gets a call claiming to be from Apple support that you hang up immediately, and call the customer service number on your own. They also suggest that you activate two factor authentication to protect yourself.

The FBI's Laura Eimiller says if you've been the target of this scam or any number of other scams, go to Ic3.gov, the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center and file a complaint online.

She told Fox 11:

"If someone has lost money, chances are a case may be opened, but the FBI nor any government agency has the resources to open up a case on every scam phone call no one under any circumstances should send money based on a phone call demanding such.

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