Meet Emoji The Cat!

If you don't follow Beth Stern on Instagram, you should. If you're wondering why the name sounds familiar, it could be because she is the wife of the legendary Howard Stern.

But outside of being the wife of Howard, Beth has been doing amazing work for years on her own, especially as an advocate for animals. She is the national spokesperson for the world's largest non-profit 'no-kill' animal rescue and adoption organizations, North Shore Animal League, located in Port Washington, NY.

Growing up on Long Island, not far from them, I knew all about them growing up. My family, and countless others I knew adopted animals from them and they really are an amazing organization that does a lot of good work both locally and nationally. Since 1944, North Shore Animal League has saved more than 1 million animals, and that's an amazing feat.

Beth has been working with them for many years, fostering animals, mainly cats and kittens, and helping to find them loving homes, she chronicles the stories of these fosters on her Instagram page and in her blog.

All of the animals she has featured are adorable, but her latest foster is practically a cartoon!

His name is Emoji.

Why Emoji? Just take a look at his eyes!

Emoji is about 12 weeks old and at first was thought to have a neurological condition, but tests concluded that there was nothing wrong with his eyes and he is just, as Beth puts it, #PerfectlyImperfect.

You can't help but smile when you see Emoji!

So check out Beth's Instagram and North Shore Animal League, to donate, volunteer if you're in the area and see more about all about the amazing work they are doing.

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