SHLS - A Man Lost His Car While He Was in the Hospital for a Surgery

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Joseph Morrissey needed surgery for kidney cancer.

The surgery was going to be minimally invasive, and he was estimated to leave within a couple of days.

However, the Los Angeles Times reports that as he was waking up from his surgery, he had a stroke and a seizure and he was out for three days.

His car was parked in front of his home the entire time.

This led to him getting a parking ticket and his car eventually being towed away by the city.

Morrissey has already filed a claim against the city for damages, but should he have even had to be put in this situation?

A staff attorney at Public Counsel, Nisha Kashyap, had this to say about the incident:

"The city tows otherwise safely parked cars after 72 hours, but then refuses to consider evidence submitted to contest citations and impound. This not only disproportionately impacts low-income residents, but it's also ableist. These practices discriminate against people like Mr. Morrissey whose medical conditions restrict their ability to move a car and are counterproductive for Angelenos already struggling to get by."

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