Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

Honorable Mention - Wichita Falls man accused of avoiding repo man by selling pickup's parts on Facebook

9 - Jim Leavelle, the lawman seen at Lee Harvey Oswald’s side in famous picture, has died at age 99

8 - Actor Matthew McConaughey has been named as a professor at University of Texas

7 - "Huge drugs bust" at Gatwick train station turns out to just be vegan cake mix

6 - Man lights up cigarette during armed robbery in St. Louis and refuses to hand over any belongings

5 - DARPA, a top secret government agency, is in immediate need of an underground lair

4 - Spanish fan calls police over saxophone band that he didn't think was "pure jazz"

3 - Nashville realtor includes a photo of himself engaged in a sex act when he lists a home for sale online

2 - Russian tradition in which cosmonauts urinate on a wheel before take-off will end because their new spacesuits don't have a fly

1 - Man sues Popeyes over sold-out chicken sandwich

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