How To Keep Your Pets Safe During A Hurricane

As Hurricane Dorian moves closer to Florida's eastern coast, with the expected landfall to hit on Monday, many residents will be forced to hunker down or evacuate. But that decision can become much more complicated if you own pets...

Fortunately, American Humane has some tips on how to keep them safe.

"Hurricanes are among the deadliest of storms," says Dr. Robin Ganzert, Ph.D., President and CEO of American Humane. "Fortunately, American Humane Rescue has worked in disaster relief for more than 100 years and has amassed a lot of practical knowledge on how families can prepare and, if there is no way to avoid the storms, weather them as well as possible and keep loved ones safe afterwards."

If remaining home, make sure your pets are microchipped and wearing ID in case they go missing. Keep them inside and close by, along with any emergency kits. Also, make sure any hiding places are closed off.

If forced to leave, the Humane Society advises keeping all medications and vaccination records on hand. Make sure they're microchipped as well, plus bring photos in case they go missing...

And don't forget food! Try to have at least a week's worth of food on hand, and make sure you grab a can opener and/or scooper if needed.

Once the storm has passed, make sure you check around your house for any damage or downed power lines.

Get the latest updates on the storm here.

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